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AbbottChat is a new communications program that tells you when friends, family and co-workers are online. You can chat person-to-person, send instant messages, transfer files, or run your own private business meeting with a whole group. ...And the best part it's free!

Action Chat
If you enjoy chatting why not consider creating your own chat room for your homepage. It is fast and anybody can do it. Plus, once you have created your own chat room you are entitled to join the Action Chat Network...and the best part, it's all FREE!

Active Worlds Browser
Welcome to the home of the most powerful and most popular interactive software on the 'net. The Active Worlds scaleable Universe boasts hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of kilometers of virtual territory. Explore over 300 worlds in real-time, 3D, high-color graphics. Own land and build anything you like on your property. Meet people and interact as a fully 3D, lifelike, animated figure. Use objects just like hyperlinks to send mail and surf the web. Play games, ride rides, solve puzzles, navigate mazes. Download the free software and become part of this growing universe. 

AOL Instant Messenger
Sometimes e-mail just isn't fast enough. Communicate on the Internet in a whole new way! Try AOL Instant Messenger now and start exchanging personal messages instantly and privately with other users --no matter what country you are in or how you are connected to the Internet. It's free and easy!

Chat @ Talk City
The Chat @ Talk City program offers you the advantages of a proven, high-quality chat environment: The Talk City Chat Network. With over 2000 moderated chats each week, managed by a team of over 500 trained and experienced chat hosts, Talk City is uniquely building quality communities -- clean well lighted places for conversation on the Internet. People enter your chat room through your own web site, through Talk City, or through one of hundreds of linked Web sites around the globe.... And best of all, the program is free!

You're about to join thousands of satisfied Webmasters who are using EarthWeb Chat to build their online communities. It's the easiest to install, most flexible, most reliable Java chat system on the Internet. They have four Chat Plans to choose from, including a free service, hidden channels, and customized channels, so whether your website is for business or pleasure, education or entertainment, there's an option for you.

Ichat Pager
Ichat Pager allows you connect to your friends immediately and allow you to see who is on line. You can participate in real-time chats, page your friends, and send instant messages any time any day.

This site will let you download their ICQ software for free. This software allows to chat with one or more people who also have ICQ. You can carry on several simultaneous conversations and even send sound effects to the people you are talking to. A flashing "envelope" icon on your windows tray will alert you to incoming messages when you are on the net.

Ide@l§İript is a Brazilian IRC script that provides basic channel and personal protection especially if you need a super protection shield against lamers and hackers. Other features include greetings and personalized writing, an ASCII and WAV player, and a state-of-the-art message recording system when you are not on the net.

Microsoft NetMeeting
This site offers various tools to communicate with others over the internet through "Virtual Meeting". Communication can be in the form of voice, video, or written. A free trial version is available for you to freely download.

mIRC & Eggdrop Archives
You can freely download mIRC v5.41. Like many IRC client (programs) you can exchange text messages interactively with other people all over the world. mIRC is one of the more popular chat clients. When logged into a chat session, you "converse" by typing messages that are instantly sent to other chat participants.

PeopleLink is a free software service that enables you to communicate instantly with people online. PeopleLink gives you "interactive messaging", a new medium that combines the best features of email – ease-of-use, safety and selectivity – with the one major advantage of chat, interactivity.

Imagine sending messages at the speed of light right to someone's desktop. Imagine an intercom system that actually works. Imagine knowing someone is at their desk before trying to call them. Imagine cutting down on your voicemails, your e-mails and your telephone calls. Download ScreenFire for free and imagine no more.

The Palace
Get your free personal server now! Palace allows you to access their chat community for free and also has regularly scheduled live events and tons of virtual graphical environments that you can free move around in. Simply register with them as a member and download the software client.

Visual IRC
Visual IRC '97 is a totally new 32-bit IRC client with real-time voice and video chat, an object-oriented scripting language, supporting VBScript and JavaScript, and much more for Windows 95 and NT 4.0.

Finally, an IRC client that appeals to users of all skill levels. Instantly usable, endlessly configurable. IRC without limits. It can be minimized to fit in the Windows tray and will remember your favorite servers, channels and chat friends.