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Free Dessert Recipes

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We specialize in Swiss French chocolates specialties and cater to the US via the internet and wine/gourmet shops. We import our chocolates fresh and use no preservatives and only the best liquors, nuts and cocoa.  You may find chocolate recipes, interactive trivia/history and information on the health benefits of chocolate at our website, chocolate interactive quiz as well a sign into our chocolate contest.

The Baking Bear 
They have a dessert cookbook that you can purchase. Free on-site recipes from this cookbook include: Applesauce Cake, Sweet Potato Pie, and Pineapple walnut Carrot Cookies.

Hershey's For The Holidays
Hershey has revealed five holiday dessert recipes using chocolate including: Truffles, Peanut Butter Thumbprints, Cherry Macaroon Bars, Double Decker Fudge, and Peanut Butter Cream Chocolate Cake.

M&M's Recipe Booklet
Learn the secrets of their baking experts! Red's Favorite Recipes featuring "M&M's" Mini Chocolate Baking Bits is the official recipe booklet of the Studio chefs. It's packed with even more of their great creations and baking tips -- and you can get your own copy for free, simply by filling out their online form.

Pecan Recipes
Glenwood Mental Health Services provides free pecan recipes to thank you for your help in educating mentally disabled children. These free recipes include Old Fashioned Toasted Pecans, Cheese Pecan Crispies, and Southern Pecan Pie.

Rhodes Recipe Booklet
The Rhodes Recipe Booklet contains frozen dough recipes for such items as Fat Free Rolls, Giant Cinnamon Rolls, and Orange Rolls. To order you free booklet simply fill out the form on their site.