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Earn Money With Your Site

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Ways of Earning Money With Your Site

  • Pay per Active install: Active X automatically asks your visitors if they would like to install the advertisor's software when they arrive to your page. You get paid for these installs according to each sponsor's terms.
  • Pay per click thru: You get paid for each unique visitor you send to a marketer's site from their banner or text link on your site.
  • Pay per banner impression: You get paid for each visitor that views the page where the marketer's banner is hosted.
  • Pay per lead: You get paid for each visitor that provides requested information to the marketer on the marketer's site. For example, the visitor fills out a form, requests something for free, downloads trial software, etc.
  • Pay per sale: You get paid for each visitor that purchases a specific product(s) on the marketer's site.

Earn Money Category

ActiveX Installs Banner Click Thru's
Leads/Referrals Sales Commissions
Banner Impressions Miscellaneous

Web Based Bus Opportunity Category

Site Sponsoring

Surfing the Net


Business Opportunities Category



Tips & Information Telecommunications
Web Based Miscellaneous


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Free Stuff Category

• Baby Items
Business Opportunities
Clip Art/Images
Kids Stuff
Newsletters & E-zines
Toll-Free Numbers
Website Items

Discount Shopping


Apparel, Accessories, & Shoes
Antiques & Collectibles
Auctions & Trading Centers
Auto Sales, Parts, & Supplies
Baby & Kids stuff
Bath & Beauty
Books & Other Literature
Computers & Software
Flowers & Gifts
Food, Beverages, & Cooking
Games, Toys,& Hobbies
Health & Fitness
Home & Garden
Internet & Website
Movies & Video
Music & Audio
Office Supplies
Pet Supplies
Sports & Recreation


Debt Consolidation
Credit Approvals
Discount Phone Services
Insurance Quotes
Jobs & Training
Legal Services
Loan Services
Travel & Adventure
Web Design & Promotion

Discount Travel


Discount Coupons
Contests & Sweepstakes
Video & Audio Tapes
Miscellaneous Items


Airline Accommodations
Clubs & Memberships
Discount Calling
Hotels & Resorts
Rental Cars, Buses, & Trains
Sporting Packages
Vacation Packages



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3. - company refuses to pay owed revenues.
4. - Never paid me for the revenues earned from the get go.